Saturday, August 28, 2010

GEPETTO'S SPICE BOX/60 Grams of K2 Style Spice Only $99.00!!

Check out "Gepetto's Spice Box".  It's a do it yourself kit that includes everything you need to make your own herbal incense blends like K2 Summit, Spice Gold & Black Mamba.  Well, in case you haven't realized, the cost of spice incense blends is a complete ripoff!!  With Gepetto's Spice Box you'll be able to make your own blends for a lot cheaper than you'll pay retail.  Most spice products sell for an average of $25.00 per gram.  With this kit you'll be able to create your own personalized incense for under $2.00 per gram.  That's pretty damn cheap! 

Here's the deal.  All of the crucial, must have ingredients that you need to make spice style incense are included in Gepetto's Spice Box.  The most important things you'll need are the JWH & foliage leaves.  What I like about this kit is that number one, it comes with 60 grams of foliage.  Did ya hear me?  60 freakin' grams!  That's a boat load.  And the second thing I like is that the JWH is factory/laboratory sealed.  Call me a stickler, but being factory sealed just seems a little more professional than if it wasn't.  The kit also includes a genuine HDPE spray bottle.  The bottle doesn't look like anything special, but who gives a crap, it's the plastic that the bottle is made of that matters.  You have to mix the pre-packaged JWH with about 50 ml's of acetone, mix it up, put it in the spray bottle and start spraying your leaves.  This is the part you need to be the most careful with.  You need to spray as evenly as possible.  Your blend needs to have equal amounts of jwh on all the foliage.  So, you really need to spray cautiously.  When you've used up all your jwh mixture, let your creation dry for a couple of days to get all the acetone smell and gak out.  You have now made yourself a nice big batch of spice style herbal incense blends.  Pick up "Gepetto's Spice Box" before they run out.  Get the details here  or